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"classic" -watch - Monoklin

"classic" -watch - Monoklin

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The watch by Monoklin is a wearable artpiece encased in a handcrafted frame made of 97% tin and 3% silver. 

The watches are pre-owned and revitalized by us, fully functional with a with a fake leather strap that allows for size adjustment, accommodating wrists from 15 to 20 cm.

Please note, the watch may exhibit visible signs of wear and tear, adding to its unique character and story.

Each frame is created by hand through a soldering process, ensuring its uniqueness – there's only one of its kind. Please handle it with care, as the tin and silver frame may have sharp edges. 

The watch is adjustable in length.

For best care, avoid exposing it to water.
The handcraftet frame has sharpe metal points and should be worn with care. the buyer assumes all risks.

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