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„Jasmine“ -Monoklin pearl chain

„Jasmine“ -Monoklin pearl chain

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The "jasmine“ necklace by Monoklin is a wearable artpiece.
It features a large rose quartz at its center, encased in a handcrafted frame made of 97% tin and 3% silver.

Each pendant is created handmade through a soldering process, ensuring its uniqueness – there's only one of its kind.
Please handle it with care, as the tin and silver frame may have sharp edges.

For best care, avoid exposing it to water.

The necklace is adjustable in length, ranging from 45cm to 53 cm.

Rose quartz is often associated with love, emotional healing, and self-compassion. It's known as the "stone of love,".

This necklace has sharpe metal points and should be worn with care. the buyer assumes all risks.

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